Sample Reports

There are many different inspection report formats that are available in the industry. There are duplicate form check lists, hand typed narrative reports, boiler plate form reports, etc.  We believe our reports are easier to read and understand because we take part of the guess work out of your hands. If you read a narrative report and there is a comment in the body of that report, you may not know if the item being discussed is a problem or not.

Example:  The installed ground fault protection (GFCI) was operable in the bath and exterior outlets. No ground fault protection was present at the outlets located in the garage, kitchen, laundry or crawl area.

Problem: The example above does not state weather ground fault protection was required at the garage, kitchen, laundry or crawl area. If this home was constructed between 1975 and 1986 the ground fault protection at the baths and exterior is all that is required.  Homes constructed after 1986 would require GFCI  protection in the garage. Homes after 1990- GFCI protection at kitchen outlets within 6’ of the sink. And later on protection was required at all kitchen outlets, wet bars, laundry, crawl area, etc.

How can you know what needs to be repaired based on the example sentence about the status of the GFCI protection?

Our reports have (3) sections:

  1. A checklist of each room, component and system  notating their status.
  2. Photos of components or defects observed throughout the inspection
  3. A “Summary of Condition”. This section includes a summary of those items we feel should be repaired. There may be other important information in the check list, but this summary highlights the items of more concern.

Using the example above, if the home was constructed after 1986 our reports would state: install operable ground fault protection at the receptacles located in the garage- other rooms would be identified based on the age of the home.

If the home was built prior to 1986- there would be no comment in the summary of condition, but the status of the GFCI  protection and its location would be noted in the body or checklist part of the report.

Reports are typically delivered via email within 24 hours. 

Legal report formats vary depending on the parties involved and prior expert reports. Often reports are synchronized to reflect similar formats or line item numbering of prior reports. . This can ease in reviewing, comparing or disputing the items noted in the prior reports.

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